The Metaverse of the Dark Empire

Dark Empire is (ERC)'s first metaverse blockchain game with a multiplayer theme of Dark Heroes. Players can experience the thrill of the game and pursue the glory of global rankings by drawing characters and purchasing characters for single-player, team competitions, and adventures challenging dark beasts. At the same time, while enjoying a rich gaming experience, you can also earn rich cryptocurrency. In addition, players who are only spectators can enjoy the Dark Empire. Players without purchased characters can enjoy Play-to-Earn in Dark Empire by staking.

Dark Hero

The heroes who have returned from the road of Shura are full of dark power, they battle the enemy fearlessly.


Abyss hero


Abyss hero


Abyss hero


Ares hero


Ares hero

Game Description

Dark Empire is an online game about dark magic battles. The story begins with two opposing magical races fighting each other. Players are drawn into this battle, and the only way to survive is to send dark heroes to fight and take first place in the arena battle leaderboard, killing dark beasts to get rich rewards. Players need to cleverly arrange their own dark knights, mages, dark elves, soul healers, and other soldiers to occupy the enemy's stronghold and unify the Magical Continent.

Treasure Chests

Fallen treasure chests that hide heroes who returned from the burial hell.


Fight for the highest glory.


Terrifying realm with no return.

Game Flow



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